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More About Our Main Game:

"That's Not My Neighbor,"  is a 2D horror game with a unique twist on the "job simulator" genre. Created by solo developer Nacho Sama, this game was released in February 2024 and is available on If you like the game you can buy the desktop version here.

Set in a 1955 apartment building, you play as a doorman facing a bizarre situation: the world is overrun with doppelgängers, creatures that perfectly mimic humans. Your job is to identify and stop these imposters using tools like ID checks, phone verifications, and keen observation through the security window.

Key Features:

  • D.D.D: Work with the Doppelganger Detection Department to keep your building safe.
  • Tools and Gameplay: Use the telephone, checklists, security window, and emergency button to scrutinize visitors.
  • Suspense and Atmosphere: Encounter suspicious characters and make decisions with moral consequences.


  • Floor 1: Roman & Lois Stilnsky, Robert & Albert Sky Peachman, Angus Ciprianni, Selene & Elenois Sverchtz.
  • Floor 2: Arnold & Gloria Scmicht, Izzak Gauss, Margarette Bubbles, Nacha & Anastacha Mikaelys.
  • Floor 3: Mia Stone & Dr. W. Afton, Francis Mosses, Steven & Mclooy Rudboys, Alf & Rafttellyn Cappuccin.

Stay vigilant and protect your residents from the doppelganger threat in this suspenseful and engaging game. Play the demo now and experience the tension firsthand!